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Void Filling

Solutions for buildings and infrastructure

We provide void-filling solutions for any size of project across the Gulf region.

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Void Filling

Suitable for structural voiding

We provide void-fill solutions for any size of project across the Gulf region. Our range of materials can fill pipelines and tunnels, sinkholes, culverts, basements, and voids beneath roads or any other piece of infrastructure.

Our void-filling process involves utilising a specific geopolymer or a combination of Geobear geopolymer and a lightweight clay aggregate. The filling is achieved by using lightweight materials that do not impart significant load to the site, meaning our void-filling solution will not lead to any negative side effects on the overall stability of the site.

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Void filling with minimum disruption

Our design experts will create a solution specific to your needs. When it comes to implementation, our team of experts will carry out the necessary work quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your operations.

We have extensive experience when it comes to void filling for underground pipes and other potential issues and obstacles that may arise.

An additional benefit is that all of our materials are inert and can be easily excavated, so if at a later date, the void needs to be accessed,the geopolymer can be removed with ease.


  • Expanded lightweight geo-polymer
  • Produced on-site from a liquid base using minimal plant and equipment
  • Can be pumped over 70 metres
  • Neat solution designed to be as non-disruptive as possible
Void Filling

Our technical teams fill voids using expansive geopolymer material

Issues where Geobear Void Filling solutions can be used

Redundant pipes can be filled easily with Geobear geopolymer. We inject up to 70m using fast-curing expansive material.

Large-scale voids in basement areas can be filled quickly with a mix of Geobear geopolymer and clay balls. This permits excavation via simple dig-out in future.

Our fast geopolymer methods can fill dis-used culverts within days, ensuring a safe operating environment.

If the fill beneath road slabs settles, it can leave dangerous voids between the strata and the road. We can fill efficiently whilst not affecting traffic.

We have filled major sinkholes with our expansive material. A combination of materials provides strength and safety for dangerous sites.

About Geobear

Pioneering Ground Improvement Since 1983

Geobear is an international foundation repair company treating subsidence, settlement, and other ground instability issues. Our fast, cost-effective, and innovative solutions stabilize the ground, fill voids, and lift slabs in the UAE and beyond with minimal disruption. We’ve treated over 200,000 properties across the globe. Because of this, Geobear is a trusted partner for industry and homeowners alike.