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Geobear – the original founder of Uretek solutions

Geobear is a global ground engineering contractor solving foundation and infrastructure soil problems within the repair construction industry. Geobear is the original inventor and provider of the Uretek solutions – Our pioneering geopolymer technology offers the most advanced and accurate systems for floor and foundation re-levelling, ground stabilisation and strengthening, as well as void filling and water sealing.

Company history and presence

The Geobear story began in Finland in the 1970s. In northern countries, recurrent periods of frost and thaw compromise the mechanical properties of the soil, leading to subsidence. The need to fix the subsidence problems without interrupting everyday life, led into the birth of the Uretek patented expanding geo-polymer technology.

Over the years, Geobear, through its Uretek heritage, has developed additional new techniques for the injection of expanding geopolymer. Since 1982, the company has filed for exclusive patents for several processes worldwide. Geobear continues to invest in new technology and is a global leader in the use of geo-polymers through its ground engineering solutions.

For nearly 40 years and in over 50 countries worldwide, over 100,000 projects have been completed by using the Uretek innovative geopolymer technology. Key market sectors where the geo-polymer technology has been applied include residential, commercial and industrial, as well as infrastructure.

Geobear aims to be a forerunner in customer experience. The re-branding of the company represents a vibrant new direction, where we will place greater emphasis on delivering the best customer experience in the industry with a concrete added value promise to our clients.

With all our core markets together under one consistent brand, it provides us with a uniform platform to exchange best practices across the business and industry, ensuring that we continue to achieve excellence in customer service, engineering, project delivery and long term asset life.

Geobear is headquartered in London and serves customers globally.

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