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Commercial Slab Lifting & Re-Levelling

70% FASTER - 30% GREENER - Ground Engineering Solutions

Slab Lifting and Slab Levelling without Disruption

  • Slab lifting and slab leveling using geopolymer injection
  • Ultra-fast, non-intrusive method of concrete floor lifting
  • Site will remain operational whilst the slabs are lifted
  • Similar to slab jacking the result is a return to datum levels
  • Increase the load capacities of existing slabs
  • No business interruption throughout works
  • Increased operational safety for staff and vehicles on site
  • No requirement to relocate business or operations
  • Greatly reduced carbon emissions due to minimal plant and material

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Four Step Process to Lift Slabs

Commercial Slab Lifting & Re-Levelling_04

16mm holes drilled

Commercial Slab Lifting & Re-Levelling_01

Steel tubes placed

Commercial Slab Lifting & Re-Levelling_02

Material pumped

Commercial Slab Lifting & Re-Levelling_03

Lift monitored

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